Employment Philosophy

Talent is the driving force for enterprise development, and Yatech attaches great importance to attracting and cultivating talents. The company has established a comprehensive internal talent training plan and promotion mechanism to create a good growth platform for outstanding talents and help employees fully realize their value in work and life.

Employee care

Atech is determined to build a community with a shared future of co-construction, symbiosis and sharing, and provides a career growth platform for Atech employees. It takes development as the premise and sustainability as the purpose, and cares for employees, such as outstanding employee awards, wedding bonuses, birthday gifts, and Women's Day gifts. Welfare policies such as welfare, Mid-Autumn cake betting, year-end party lottery, year-end bonus, door-opening red envelopes, meal subsidies, accommodation subsidies, etc. help employees work and live better, realize self-worth, and enjoy life.

Employment Philosophy
Employment Benefits

Employment Benefits

Staff Cafeteria

We have a canteen with delicious food, which serves three meals a day for hundreds of people in the company.

Staff Dorm

The company provides comfortable and spacious dormitories for everyone to stay in, and there is also a certain monthly housing subsidy. Our dormitories have everything you need and all the necessary facilities.

Holiday Condolences

During festivals such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, and Spring Festival, the company carefully selects holiday gifts for employees and holds relevant team-building activities based on holiday themes to increase employees' sense of belonging to the company and identification with colleagues and family members.

Company team building

The company regularly organizes travel team building for all employees to enhance their sense of teamwork and collective sense of honor.

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